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Helping Adults Help Youth With Emotions


Teach emotion-based skills to a child... Give them resilience for a lifetime!

When children are taught emotion-based skills, they develop the powerful ability to handle stress throughout their lives. That’s why at Emotion Wise we are dedicated to helping adults who care about kids learn these skills and pass them on to children and youth.

Are you a parent, teacher, counselor, youth group leader, juvenile delinquency counselor, child care worker? 

Be the example youth need: learn simple methods to pass critical skills on to future generations. 

The Time for Emotion-based Skills is Now

With mental health challenges on the rise among children and youth, many young people are not able to access regular care from mental health professionals.


Yet they can get substantial help from other adults if those adults are trained in emotion-based skills.  These skills are easy (and fun!) to teach and to learn and can take just minutes to practice. 

Thanks to our greatly increased knowledge of how emotions are processed in the brain and body, we now know a lot about what skills are valuable and how to teach them.


The needs are great. The good news is: we have the solution!


“Just as we teach history and geography, we need to teach children how their brains and bodies work.”
– Bessel van der Kolk


Emotion Wise Tools

Emotion Wise has applied the latest information from the neuroscience of emotions to develop and offer effective products for educating youth about their emotions. 


These emotion education resources are particularly useful for play therapists and educators who want to help children manage and express their emotions.

Emotion Wise Trainings

Through presentations and workshops, Emotion Wise teaches emotion-based skills to a variety of adults who work with young people.


Drawing on 30 years of experience as a therapist working with children and families, Emotion Wise founder Cheryl Simons, MA, LMFT, leads compelling workshops and presentations to provide adults working with youth with emotion-related education, anxiety and stress management tools, and more!


About Emotion Wise Founder and CEO, Cheryl Simons, MA, LMFT

I am a California-licensed marriage, family, and child therapist who has maintained a private psychotherapy practice in N. California for the past 30 years.


I began my career with a focus on Jungian therapy and a passion for working with children and families. My discovery of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) in 1998 added to a growing realization that acquiring basic skills in working with one’s emotions in childhood is powerful preparation for coping with life’s stress.


I have given talks on various topics in the field of psychotherapy for 20 years, and on Emotion Education and teaching emotion-based skills since 2009.

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