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Speaking and Workshops

Who Can Benefit?

Presentations include multiple breaks to learn and practice emotion-based skills. Workshops are more interactive, including discussion, Q and A, and additional skills practice opportunities.


Access to handouts with instructions for teaching emotion regulation and other emotion-based skills to children and youth are included.


These presentations and workshops, available in person or as webinars, are tailored to professionals, parents, and families. School personnel, teachers, counselors, juvenile hall workers, and other youth-focused service providers will benefit from participation in these trainings.

To book a presentation or workshop, please fill out the Contact Form.

Presentations & Workshops


Calming the Anxious Brain

1.5 hr Presentation, or
2 hr Presentation + Workshop


Focuses on the neuroscience of anxiety, with a close look at how humans move from an anxious to a calm state. Attendees will learn and practice classroom-ready calming tools.

The Master Key

1 hr Presentation, or
1.5 hr Presentation + Workshop


Participants learn about why mindfulness is such a powerful tool in helping us regulate emotions such as anxiety, anger, and excitement, including looking at the challenges of practicing this powerful technique. Includes four mindfulness practices and discussion time.

Calming Practices

1 hr Presentation, or
1.5 hr Presentation + Workshop


Teaches the power of radical acceptance, confronting life as it is. Several additional emotion regulation techniques are taught and practiced, with time for discussion and optional breakout rooms to practice new skills.

Calm the Anxious Brain pt 2

Half hour presentation, and half hour workshop


This follow up to the original presentation and workshop is shorter in length. It teaches the science behind powerful brain-based calming tools, and how to apply that science to increase calm for oneself and others in a school setting, including four immediately applicable practices.


Tools to Manage Stress

1 hr Presentation, or
1.5 hr Presentation + Workshop


This workshop addresses stress, trauma, and stress management, including a variety of calming practices developed to improve one’s ability to manage stress on a daily basis. Includes guided discussion time.


Tools for Creating Calm at Home

Half hour presentation, and half hour workshop


The workshops are designed to stand alone or be presented as a series, with 2-3 different calming practices taught at each workshop, followed by discussions to explore parenting and caretaking challenges during the pandemic.

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