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Children and youth create their own deck of emotion cards, adding new emotions to their deck as therapy progresses.


These sturdy cards provide an elegant frame within which your clients can share their art, reinforcing that both their feelings and how they choose to express them are important.


Each deck comes with a colorful “cover card” with a place for them to write their own name, allowing them to claim the deck as their very own.


Young clients can choose a card already pre-printed with the name of an emotion, or a blank card on which they write in the emotion.

Color My Own Emotions Card Decks - 1 Pack

SKU: 364215375135191
Excluding Sales Tax
    • 3 instruction related cards
    • 9 "Name cover" cards with a line for clients to write their name and start building their deck
    • 14 emotion cards (7 emotions x 2 each)
    • 34 "blank" emotion cards with the line for clients to write the emotion they're going to draw
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