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Hop from island to island with Maimou, the island-hopping monkey! (Did you know, Maimou means “Monkey” in Greek?)


Orange, blue, red, purple, yellow, or green: the spinner tells you where to go! Express your feelings, guess the mystery emotion, then hang out with Maimou or chill among the leaves on Maimou's Island. Don't fall in the ocean – there are sharks out there!


Maimou's Island: The Active Feelings Game is an all-ages game for use in educating youth, children, and families about emotions. This movement-oriented game was designed by therapist Cheryl Simons (MA, MFT), drawing on neuroscience and decades of experience working with youth, families, and individuals. Get moving with Maimou and learn about emotions!

Maimou's Island: Based in Neuroscience


Maimou’s Island is not a sit-down game, instead encouraging participants to get moving! It is designed to help children, youth and families explore and express emotions somatically. As we know from neuroscience, learning to “embody” emotions is a key feature of emotional intelligence and leads to the resolution of trauma.


With Maimou’s Island, Help players explore how to express emotions freely within healthy boundaries, practice self-soothing in relation to the expression of feelings, discover how they personally experience and express a variety of emotions, explore ways to self-soothe, and rely on human connection and play to transform negative experiences.


The instructions for Maimou’s Island provide not just guidelines, but also Therapeutic Considerations to help you in supporting your clients and adapting to their needs as they play the game. In this section, game creator Cheryl Simons (MA, MFT) discusses therapeutic elements of Maimou’s Island and how to adapt the game to your clients’ needs. 


Get creative with participants as you play – Maimou’s Island’s flexible design and durable construction allows you to come up with new versions of the game suitable to your setting, relationships, and imaginations, such as the inclusion of a therapy animal, providing individualized self-soothing practices, or playing outdoors.


Note: The color of the carrying bag for the game will vary between orders. Color variations include: Two different jungle leaf patterns, Deep Purple, Golden Yellow, Forest Green, and Really Red.

Maimou's Island: The Active Feelings Game

SKU: 364215376135191
Excluding Sales Tax
    • 6 brightly colored 18 oz. vinyl-polyester mats measuring approximately 30” x 26” each
    • 42 playing cards, with a drawstring bag
    • 1 colorful spinner
    • 1 stuffed monkey
    • 1 instruction booklet
    • 1 canvas carrying bag (bag color will vary from order to order) with large pocket and canvas strap handle


    When all of the Maimou’s Island game components are inside the carrying bag, it measures approximately 36” x 9” and weights approximately 5.5 pounds.

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