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Hop from island to island with Maimou, the island-hopping monkey!

Orange, blue, red, purple, yellow, or green: the spinner tells you where to go! Express your feelings, guess the mystery emotion, then hang out with Maimou or chill among the leaves on Maimou's Island. Don't fall in the ocean – there are sharks out there!

Maimou's Island: The Active Feelings Game is an all-ages game designed by a therapist for use in educating youth, children, and families about emotions. Cheryl Simons (MA, MFT) developed this movement-oriented game drawing from DBT (dialectic behavioral therapy) and decades of experience working with youth, families, and individuals.


Evidence shows that movement can not only help thearpists, counselors, and others working with youth to connect with their clients, but also that movement helps to resolve trauma, reduce anxiety, and heal emotional wounds. Get your clients moving, and discover together what Maimou can do for you!


Maimou's Island: Based in Neuroscience


Maimou’s Island is not a “sit-down” game. It is designed to help children and youth explore and express emotions in their bodies. As we know from neuroscience, learning to “embody” emotions is a key feature of emo- tional intelligence and leads to the resolution of trauma.


Maimou’s Island teaches children how to express emotions freely yet within boundaries, practice self-soothing in relation to the expression of feelings, discover how they personally experience and express a variety of emotions, rely on human connection and play to transform negative experiences.

Maimou's Island: The Active Feelings Game

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  • Maimou's Island: The Active Feelings Game includes:

    • 6 large vinyl "island" mats representing different emotions, and including "Maimou's Island"
    • 42 playing cards
    • A colorful spinner
    • A playful stuffed monkey – Maimou!
    • A full instruction book outlining rules for game play as well as therapeutic considerations for the facilitator
    • A carrying bag to hold all of the game components

    This game is intended for players 4+ years old.